Grafite para crianças

Designer holandês, Baschz Leeft, desenvolve tagger de giz para crianças.

Graffiti Alternative Now Available for Kids

Kids are notorious for drawing on their walls and expressing themselves, but what if there was a way to encourage that creativity without restricting them to paper or canvas? That’s kind of what Dutch artist and designer Baschz Leeft had in mind when he created MFMarker.

In a comment to blog #ToysREvil, Leeft explains, MFMARKER (My First Marker) is a chalk tagger, meaning it is entirely made out of chalk and shaped like a big fat marker. It safely introduces little kids to art of vandalism, as in the end, it is just a piece of chalk. The label and logos on the marker are all embossed in a relief on the piece itself, so it really is 100% a piece of chalk. It is both a cool collectors mantlepiece sculpture as well as a great gift for young parents.”

Short for MyFirstMarker, the writing instrument is actually a large piece of chalk shaped liked an enormous marker. It stands 12cm high, 3cm wide and comes in a tube you probably associate with posters, but with a chalkboard surface. Also included is a mimeograph info leaflet and stickers. All MFMarkers are handmade by Basch, signed and will set customers back 15 Euro or ~ $20 US.

While the pessimist may be content with a standard bucket of chalk from Target or Walmart, it’s nice to see Leeft’s attempt at a more precious tool that artists, old or young, can derive satisfaction from. Also interesting is the cheeky idea to safely introduce children to vandalism. While teachers and shop owners may still frown upon chalk tagging, it’s certainly easier to remedy than the spray can alternative.








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