Sync Smartband

A nova pulseira digital avisa pais quando seus filhos se distanciam de limites predeterminados. 


Parenting is a tough job, and the more help moms and dads can get, the better. We recently wrote about the Ignore No More app, which enables parents to lock their teens’ phones if they don’t respond to calls. Now Sync Smartband lets parents receive alerts if their child moves outside of a preset digital boundary.

Created by a company called ActvContent, the wristband features a GPS locator and proximity sensor, and connects to parents’ smartphones. Using the ActvContent app, parents can set a Digital Zone that covers the area they’re happy for their kids to play about in — for example, no further than 20 meters from mommy. The wristband senses if kids wander outside of the safe zone and sends an alert to the parent’s device to indicate they should check on them. If they wander out of sight, especially in a busy area, the app can be used to locate the child using GPS.

The Sync Smartband couples this functionality with several other tracking modes. For example, children’s physical activity and sleep can monitored to ensure they’re getting enough exercise or downtime. The ActvContent app can store the profiles of more than one child, and health data can also be attached in the case of a medical emergency.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Sync Smartband:

Although some parents may compare the idea of what’s essentially an electronic tag to keeping their children under house arrest, ActvContent is marketing the devices as a comprehensive family tracking tool, and it’s also developing a version for adults so everyone’s activity can be tracked on the same platform. The device is currently available to pre-order for USD 89. Are there other ways to use tech to give parents a helping hand?







Via Springwise

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