Print Isn’t Dead

A revista une o mais criativo e inovador em print design de todo o mundo.

Paper Design World Shines in ‘Print Isn’t Dead’ Magazine

If you thought the digital age had killed print journalism, you’re in for a colorful rebuttal, in the form of the new PRINT ISN’T DEAD magazine. Inside the pages of the quarterly publication, the most creative and innovative printed works of design from around the world spring to life.


The magazine, from UK-based website People of Print, includes articles about innovative printing as well as traditional print practices that demonstrate the very much alive world of print media. The vibrant publication also includes features, artwork, current cultural trends and iconic print ads. In addition to the homage to all forms of print, the magazine includes a page dedicated to the ASPCA, featuring the infamous disabled cat, Lil’ Bub.

People of Print, founded by Marcroy Smith, is a website dedicated to the amazing work being done in print media around the world. PRINT ISN’T DEAD is the logical, printed extension of the popular UK website

PRINT ISN’T DEAD was successfully funded through Kickstarter, with the project raising £6,834, surpassing the£4,520 goal. The magazine launched on August 21, 2014 at the London Graphic Centre.

PRINT ISN’T DEAD includes fonts with classic, sleek lines that evoke a strong sense of tradition. The Roman-family font Archive and bold, classic Reader typeface designed by Colophon Foundry were used throughout the magazine. The striking front cover, designed by Patrick Savile, uses color to play with words, and the design is arranged in a bold sign format that calls attention to the fact that print media is indeed not dead.

Magazine lovers, pop culture fans and designs geeks alike can all revel in the satisfaction of holding the thick, richly illustrated pages of PRINT ISN’T DEAD.

PRINT ISN’T DEAD is printed by Pureprint Group on high-quality Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper, making it a must-have keepsake for any print media fan. Volume 1 is currently available online for £10.

For those who want an even more in-depth ode to print, a PRINT ISN’T DEAD book is in the works, scheduled to be released in April 2015.







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