Makeup Genius da L’Oreal

O aplicativo Makeup Genius da L’Oreal levou dois anos para ser desenvolvido e permite que as pessoas possam ver na hora como ficaria o efeito da maquiagem aplicado ao seu rosto.

L’Oreal Digital Shift for Real-Time Beauty Application

Every girl who grew up as teens in the 90s remembers wanting Cher’s outfit-generating computer program in the movie Clueless. With the tap of a button, Cher could model clothes on a digital image of herself to pick out which top and skirt combination best suited her on that particular day. The digital process came across as a seamlessly efficient method to test product before putting it on in real life.

L’Oreal’s Makeup Genuis App offers a similar, virtual experience for cosmetics. The app allows potential customers to see themselves wearing makeup that isn’t already applied in real life. Instantly try on different shades and shadows at the quick tap of a button by applying makeup to your reflection. When you hold your smartphone up, the preferred lip gloss, eye-shadow or bronzer moves along with your facial expressions while taking into effect the surrounding light.

Makeup Genius Application

Virtual cosmetics is a mess-free experience developed by a team of scientists and engineers in the company’s Connected Beauty Incubator. The team of 15 built out the app over two years, testing eye, lip and cheek products on hundreds of models with various skin types and colors. They put the models under 400 different lighting conditions to capture the natural change in shade and texture. Over 100,000 images were taken to differentiate the makeup from real-life and digital. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Makeup Genius is the company’s most advanced digital production to date.

There’s no denying the app is head of the curve when it comes to beauty technology. Users can browse and ‘try-on’ different looks from makeup artists or scan any in-store product to see how it models through the screen. App users can share their favorite looks or designs with their friends and social networks for fun or to gather feedback on their new look.

Makeup Genius Application

In a self-obsessed generation, it’s easy to imagine the tech-savvy trend of makeup mirrors changing the way people make their cosmetic purchases. Consumers who buy their makeup from a drugstore are expected to pull out their credit cards before they have any real idea if the foundation will match their skin color. The app’s built in e-commerce platform allows people to imagine their makeup under different lighting conditions and to buy a new lipstick straight through the app.

Makeup Genius is available in France and the U.S., and has reportedly 1.7 million downloads to date, and we can guess that is just the beginning.








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