Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges

Novo documentário online do The New York Times explora a infraestrutura de Nova York. 

NYC Infrastructure Video Series on

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what holds the Big Apple together at its core, the NYTimes prepares to answer just that across asix-part video series. Each episode of the recently launched Living City explains a feature of New York’s infrastructure and how major projects affect people across the city. The stories offer a new and engaging way for consumers to understand how the city works.

The project produced by Blue Chalk Media, the new video journalism division of NewsDox, explores big engineering systems that New Yorkers rely on everyday through interviews, animation, graphics and guides. Living City is the first major production of visually compelling journalism in combination with a major news organization for the company.

The first video in the series, Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges, compares the decision to replace the Tappan Zee Bridge with the decision to renovate the Brooklyn Bridge. The installment explores the architecture’s rich history embedded within the culture of the city, and the significant effects the 789 bridges have on New Yorkers and tourists alike.

The film includes interviews with special project advisors, appearances by Obama and presentations to boy scouts. The diversity of New York citizens that span the 7-minute film signify how these structures significantly effect people across all ages and industries.

New York’s bridges are deeply engrained within the city’s identity, and upcoming episodes include a look of other fundamental engineering structures of the city. Upcoming weeks will feature films about the construction of the Second Avenue subway, a program for recycling organic waste and the consequences of Sandy on power and transportation systems, among others.

Living City offers a new perspective on ways to see and understand the city.

Living City // “Living City: A Tale of Two Bridges”

NYTimes / / Blue Chalk








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