Aplicativo promove storytelling

Um novo aplicativo infantil chamado Imagistory promove storytelling entre crianças.


Reading or making up bedtime stories every night can be daunting task for parents. We’ve already seen The Sparkup Magical Book Reader attempt to tackle this problem by playing recordings made by the child’s family members as they turn each page. While a familiar voice is comforting, a new app called Imagistory takes a different approach, encouraging children to verbalize and narrate their own imagination as they flip through the wordless illustrated stories.

By offering illustrated stories without words or context, the iPad-based picture book app is designed to trigger the creativity of its young readers. The hope is that this creative storytelling will not only lead to more personalized bedtime stories, but it will also act as learning tool for children, helping them to become more engaged and to develop their language and literacy skills. The app also offers the functionality to record voices, so stories can be played back and shared with loved ones.

Beyond the bedroom, Imagistory is aiming to be a central hub for creating, listening and sharing, and the platform will feature the best stories submitted every week for all to listen to. The app is available on iOS and can be downloaded for free from theApp store. Once downloaded, users can browse and purchase books for approximately 2 USD, which will support both the creators and artists.

How else can technology go against the grain and encourage children to be more imaginative, rather the acting as a replacement.






Via Springwise

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