Como a tecnologia mudou as nossas mesas de trabalho

Hoje, um computador e um smartphone lidam com quase tudo que precisamos no cotidiano.

Desks from the ’80s had to support fax machines, bulky desktop computers, Rolodexes, corded phones, and other assorted items that, back then, were essentials, but today (thanks to the glory that is technology) look like clutter.

And the Harvard Innovation Lab shows us just how far our workspaces have come with its video “Evolution of the Desk.”


From 1980 to today, we see a packed desk reduced to a laptop, smartphone, and suite of apps: Car keys become Uber, a Polaroid camera becomes Instagram, a globe becomes Google Maps, a radio becomes Pandora. What’s interesting, aside from the fact that the blue-tinted aviator sunglasses remain exactly the same decades later, is that all the throwback items are legit–they were reportedly purchased on eBay, found in garage sales, dug up from storage units, etc.

Read more about Harvard Innovation Lab’s visualization of simplification here.







Via Fast Company

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