Aplicativos que podem salvar a sua vida

Numa emergência, os aplicativos GoodSAM e PulsePoint podem salvar vidas.


In the case of a sudden accident or health problem, a matter of seconds’ difference in the response times of emergency services can be the difference between saving a life and losing one. The irony is that there could even be trained first aiders nearby, but there’s usually no way of letting them know they’re needed. Now two apps —GoodSAM and PulsePoint — both let those with life-saving skills to receive alerts when an emergency happens close by.

The GoodSAM app comes in two versions — the Alerter and Responder. Those facing an emergency can use the Alerter app to instantly send a call for help to any responders in the vicinity, along with their exact location. At the same time, the country’s emergency number is also called. Those who have first aid or medical experience can download the Responder app, which pushes a notification to their device whenever someone needs help. If they’re unavailable, they can choose to reject the request and the Alerter will be notified. If accepted, the app offers a map and directions to the location of the incident and the two parties can communicate through an in-app messaging service.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how the system works:

The PulsePoint Respond app works in much the same way, although is mainly focused on sudden cardiac arrests and those who can offer CPR resuscitation. Additionally, anyone in the community can use the app to track emergency activity in their neighborhood. Local authorities can also implement the PulsePoint system across their jurisdictions, with community outreach strategies and project management services included starting from USD 5,000.

Both apps could become a valuable tool to ensure emergency situations get the help they need as quickly as possible, ultimately saving lives. Are there ways that governments could use crowdsourced data such as this to improve their emergency response rates?







Via Springwise

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