Drink and Play

Novas embalagens estimulam a criatividade e a responsabilidade social.

Children’s Beverage Carton Concept Is Both a Drink and Play Toy

The world is full of eye-catching packaging that makes us want to buy something, but what about packaging that makes us want to keep it after we’re done with the thing inside? Designer Bora Yildirim has come up with a reusable design concept for Turkish food and dairy retailer Pinar that encourages kids to combine their used packaging with their imagination and build toys of their very own.

In addition to encouraging children to drink milk to help their physical development, this project aims to improve their creative imagination with the product’s functionality as a toy.

The concept features different-sized bottles than can be screwed together to form different shapes. Whether the aim is to come up with an elaborate pattern, or build a robot that stands as tall as a human, kids have plenty of options. Lids from the bottles can also be used to create more intricate elements of a particular toy.

The different forms and colors aim to re-vamp the product package [setting it apart from] existing and traditional milk package designs. This innovative approach will ensure the product [is] noticed by consumers. The toy functionality of the product will help develop and raise awareness of re-use among [children] starting at young ages, and contribute to realizing the company’s social responsibilities.

Yildrim’s design is a great example of packaging that not only has an extended life cycle, but encourage positive behaviors that can impact the environment and a child’s creativity all at once. For other great ideas you can check out the Shopping Bag that Makes it Easy For People to Donate Their Unwanted Clothes, or The Beer Carrier That Doubles as a Frisbee.













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