Prismland é uma série de brinquedos educacionais que estimulam a aprendizagem de conceitos geométricos.

Plush Toy Characters Teach Children About 3D Shapes, Geometry

Prismland is a series of plush toy characters that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. They help children learn about 3D shapes and geometry, offering lovable toys that double as educational tools based on their design and an accompanying booklet series.

The plush toy series has been designed by Toronto artist and Parsons School of Design/ Ontario College of Art and Design graduate Jess Chen. While developing her skills in drawing, painting and graphic design, she became fascinated with prisms. These PrismPal characters have been created in an effort to bring them to life as tangible objects. Chen also realized that they could be used as a very effective way to help teach children.


She has collaborated with friend Matthew Mayers, a mechanical engineering graduate from McGill University, on the product development, manufacturing and distribution. Chen and Mayers hope to improve the geometric learning experience, starting with these educational plush toys. After the Kickstarter campaign, they aim to expand Prismland into a cross-platform, interactive experience with apps, games, cartoons, and more toys.

The PrismPals are cute toys that can be used as educational tools to introduce geometric concepts to children aged 3-5 years who have yet to explore these subjects. Unlike other educational toys for this age-range, they aim to “stimulate accelerated geometry education in an imaginative way by attributing personalities to their respective 3D shapes.”


The 6″ PrismPals will be accompanied by a character-specific edition of the ‘Hey! Prismland’ booklet series, and will be packaged together in a pretty retail box. The booklets can be used in conjunction with the toys to help kids learn about the properties and construction of each shape in a humorous and creative way. When used together, the plush toys and booklets will act as simple yet effective tools for jump-starting a child’s learning.

Initially there will be two characters, Cubert (a cube) and Hexter (a hexagon), available to backers, but if more money is raised there will be more to choose from. Early birds can get their hands on a PrismPal for a pledge of $25 (standard price is $30).








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