Programa “Read and Ride”

Um novo programa, Read and Ride, promove uma educação mais saudável nas salas de aula.

Schools Incorporate Desk Bikes, Pedals for Students to Exercise While Learning

A new program aimed to promote literacy and prevent childhood obesity has rolled out in numerous voluntary schools around the United States. Read and Ride integrates desk bikes and desk pedals into classrooms so that students can exercise and learn simultaneously.

The contraption fits comfortably beneath a small school desk so children can pedal while they engage in fun reading of magazines, books and journals. The pedals are said to be distraction-free, noiseless and portable; a simplistic design and lightweight nature makes it easy to transport the bikes to various classrooms so a number of students can participate on any given day.


The program is a valuable experiment within the education system to uncover which learning techniques boost students’ learning most effectively. Findings illustrate that bike exercise, or any form of exercise during the school day, boosts learning percentage faster than without it. A direct correlation exists between improved learning and exercise: three classes who utilized a Read and Ride room most scored 85% proficiency in their reading exam while three classes who attended the room least scored 41% proficiently.

Ways to Incorporate Read and Ride Program Into School

Arkansas, Ohio and North Carolina are just a number of the Southern States to incorporate the clever way of learning into the classroom, and many of the schools have found affordable ways to introduce the program to their classrooms. As crowd funding becomes mainstream, one school collected donations of excess exercise bikes from families within the community. Another school utilized an education grant so they could implement the creative learning mechanism into classroom routine.

Read and Ride has positive implications of a future where health and education develop congruently among students. The program promotes an empowering experience where students can learn to read anywhere, and as more schools continue to embrace the social learning activity, the happier and healthier children’s brains will grow.







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