As novas capinhas de celular da Moschino

As novas capinhas da Moschino, inspiradas no Oktoberfest, vão fazer parte da coleção S/S 15.

Moschino’s New iPhone Cases Cash in on Oktoberfest Zeitgeist

Moschino already has a history of designing iPhone cases from the sleekly professional to the fun to the silly, but their Oktoberfest collection may have topped all of their earlier efforts. Inspired by the internationally infamous beer festival of Germany, the cases will be part of their Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

The theme comes in two designs.


The beer model is patterned after a Budweiser can and just different enough to avoid IP troubles. The Moschino name is in the center of a seal, in a Budweiser-type-font along with the legend “The Funniest Brand in the World” mimicking Bud’s “The World’s Best-Selling Lager” motto.

The soda model looks like a Coke can, with the Moschino name in a cursive font climbing a scrolled ribbon just like on the world-famous can. It even includes joke number in place of the serving size and calorie information logos on the bottom corner.


Both models come with beaded condensation printed over the basic pattern, so it looks like your iBeverage was just pulled from a cooler full of ice water. The design is already so popular it has spawned imitations for other brands of beer including Tiger, Holsten and Guinness.

Despite being nominally part of a 2015 collection, the beverage cases are already available at Moschino outlets and online. They retail for about $100 USD and ship worldwide.









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