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GoldieBlox, marca de brinquedos infantis, lança seu primeiro aplicativo que se chama “Digital Playground”.

GoldieBlox Launches First Mobile App, ‘Digital Playground’

GoldieBlox, the toy brand that is focused on promoting engineering to girls, has launched a free app, GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine, to further engage its consumers in the world of problem-solving.

The app features a cartoon short about the brand’s lead character Goldie, a “girl-power engineering icon,” who has to use her ingenuity to save the town’s movie theatre. The app then teaches users the fundamentals of animation and allows them to create one second GIFs that they can then print out and place in a GoldieBlox construction set, the zoetrope, which they also build themselves.


On the brand’s movement into the digital sphere, GoldieBlox founder and CEO Debbie Sterling says in a press statement:

We’re excited to begin using technology to make GoldieBlox even more engaging and accessible for girls. Our app truly brings Goldie’s world to life, allowing kids to build and learn while advancing their engineering skills; all in a fun, free and interactive way.

The app has currently launched in the App store for iPhone and iPads. It is one element of GoldieBlox’s digital campaign. The brand is also launching, a “digital playground” – currently under construction – which will be a continuation of interactive games that teach the fundamentals of engineering in ways that defy the ‘pink aisle’ approach of most girl toys and sites.

Since its launch in 2013, GoldieBlox has made its mission of getting girls interested in STEM subjects widely known. Later this year, it will continue to promote its ethos with a float modeled after its toys at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.








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