O futuro da Home Depot

Agência criativa Zemoga imagina como as tendências de varejo afetariam a Home Depot.

The Future of Home Depot

As part of our 2015 Future of Retail report, PSFK asked some of our close creative partners to leverage our trends to rethink the functionality of some of the biggest brands in retail. The team over at Zemoga used the trends One Click Everything, Digitize Real World, Zero Inventory and Kill The Checkout to reimagine the floor space of the home improvement chain Home Depot.

Cities have always been a hub for creative talent. More and more of that talent has begun doing more with their hands, creating things from scratch. There have always been two issues with DIY in urban environments: lack of experience in DIY and lack of space. With Home Depot’s “Simple DIY,” customers can finally get their DIY journey started.


It begins on Home Depot dot com where the customer can select the Simple DIY builder. From there they can give basic information about what they want to accomplish. Such as, “Build a standing desk with a budget of $300 with X dimensions”. Home Depot’s wealth of knowledge will be able to aggregate all information into a shopping list (wood types, screws, nails, glue, etc) to build the desk within their budget. The shopper can save that list of recommended materials and access it via their Home Depot App.

Once at Home Depot, the user will launch the Home Depot app, and iBeacon technology will highlight areas within the store where those items are located when the user is in range. Once they find an item in the store and confirm that they have placed it in their basket, the item will be checked off on their list. Upon completing the gathering of products, the Home Depot App will then offer the shopper to build their item in one of Home Depot’s “Design Studios”. These are specialized small works spaces where tools, space, materials and everything else needed are provided for the customer.


From here they can build their items in a space with all the tools necessary. Once completed the Home Depot can deliver that item locally next day for the customer. This allowing the Home Depot to create a true end to experience that leads the consumer from the couch to aisle. This could be expanded to other markets easily where Simple DIY can help thousands build better and smarter in their own personal garage or working space.

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