Primeiro trailer para o filme Free the Nipple é lançado e mostra desigualdade de género e mamilos pixelados.

Lina Esco, inventor of epic hashtag and good cause #freethenipple, directed a movie of the same name and it will be in theatres next month. Variety reports that Lina’s secured one Miley Cyrus for the soundtrack — she’ll sing a cover of Melanie Safka’s Woodstock-era ‘Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma’ over the end credits. Lina and Miley met Cyrus on set of the quite LOL 2012 movie ‘LOL’ and showed her an early cut of ‘Free The Nipple’, at which point she agreed on the spot to contribute to the film in some way.

Watch the trailer here! Be warned, nipples are pixelated.

The film, like the movement itself, asks the very fair question, “Why is my nipple more obscene than a murder?” We interviewed Lina for Oyster #104 and she commented on the irony she faced making the film: “I’m now facing these kinds of problems in real life — you know, we’ve been taken off Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. But the message is going viral and we’ve had all the celebrities [supporters include Lena Dunham, Cara Delevingne, Liv Tyler and Miley Cyrus] behind us, posting pictures in their Free the Nipple t-shirts.” Read the full interview and see Tierney Gearon’s photographs of Lina here.







Via Oyster Mag

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