O novo aplicativo transforma a oratória de quem tem dificuldades na fala em uma mensagem clara e definitiva.


Losing the ability to speak clearly — whether through deafness, stroke or a language disorder — stops those affected from taking part in much of human social activity. We previously wrote about the Hands Can Talk project, which is using Microsoft Kinect to turn sign language into speech as it’s being signed. Now Talkitt is an app that turns any unintelligible language into understandable speech in real time.

Created by Israel-based Voiceitt, the app was developed in collaboration with Philips as part of its Innovation Fellows Competition. Working on mobile devices, Talkitt uses an algorithm that can learn the speech patterns of any user and then use the data to translate what they’re saying into intelligible speech. It also works in multiple languages. Essentially, those suffering from any number of conditions that can affect speech — such as ALS, cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease — could use the app to participate in everyday conversations with others who don’t have experience of speaking to those with non-standard speech.

Watch the video below to see the app in action:

Talkitt provides a way for those with speech disorders to communicate effectively with anyone, vastly improving their quality of life. There’s currently no date for release, but the team is still in the process of developing the app. Are there other ways to use technology to empower those with disabilities?








Via Springwise

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