O social no e-commerce

Favoire, plataforma de comércio eletrônico, está inovando com boas causas em consequência de cada compra.

E-Commerce Platform Adds Social Good Outcome to Every Purchase

The fashion industry is characterized by cool trends, unique finds, prints and fads; makers and models are huge influencers in how we decide to get dressed each day. The future of retail trends illustrate that more industry mavens and startups are looking to create products that represent a more sustainable industry, led by the rise of social consciousness.

Favoire, a website that leverages shopping purchases for charitable causes, recently launched in the market at the intersection of fashion and philanthropy. The business allows users to purchase regular items and segment a portion of their purchase total to support a social action of their choosing.

In the social shopping experience, users can buy clothing (tops, bottoms, dresses), shoes, beauty product and accessories where each click through purchases translates into a donation. The retailers on board the project “care about giving back,” according to the Favoire founder Cassandra Paré, who explained to PFSK that with each sale Favoire receives a commission, of which 80% is used to support their partner causes.

Favoire Shopping for A Cause

Favoire currently supports She’s the First and Stand 4 Education, two women education non-profits in the developing world. The link between fashion and women empowerment was obvious for Paré, who thoughtfully selected the organizations to highlight during launch:

“Women are change agents of the world. When it comes to reinvesting in community and family, we wanted to start off with nonprofits that were creating real, sustainable impact. The goal is to support 20 nonprofits and users can choose what’s most meaningful to them.”

Currently in development, the Favoire content hub will feature interviews about style with substance to change the conversation from what’s in our closets to the socially-minded designers and organizations they work with. Paré and CTO Phil Derasmo have built the platform so everything has the power to give back like a Tom’s Shoe. “We’re not giving away a percentage; we crowdsource for our causes. Our immediate goal is to offer two girls a scholarship in South Sudan,” Paré said.

With Favoire, fundraising through shopping is accessible; the platform simply leverages an activity that people already participate in and make it impactful.








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