Música eletrônica em 3D

Greg Barth, designer e diretor suíço, mistura chocolate branco e instrumentos para criar uma representação “glitchy” de sons eletrônicos.

EDM Re-imagined In 3D Visuals – And White Chocolate

Electronic music is a cross between the auditory and the technological, creating wholly unique music out of the cold and dead bodies of modern sound machines. EDM has become a hugely popular genre – many artists have used it to express new ideas and create incredibly novel sounds. And yet, one man has pushed the envelope further by using 3D printing, white chocolate, and a lot of creativity to present this genre in an extraordinary way.

London-based Swiss designer and director Greg Barth created a video celebrating electronic music as a commercial for Hello Play!, a Belgian electronic music site that features exclusive content and handy concert information. Barth’s commercial uses stop motion to visually represent this driving style of music, using 3D printing to create many of the objects used in the commercial that seamlessly come together in animated splendor. As the music plays, the objects all move to, and are transformed by, the electronic beat.

Barth tells PSFK that the creative process for this video involved a lot innovation and a bit of a learning curve:

When the brief came in from Hello Play!, to create a promotional video highlighting electronic music, I thought about how cool it would be to deform musical instruments and have the sounds they produce for the track trigger their own glitches/deformations. From then on, the exercise would be [to] physically represent each sound, which meant studying the consistency, frequency and visual interpretation that each of those sounds would have. I partnered up with Phenomena Labs to create advanced particle and physics simulations using 3d software, and experimented with really cool, mind-bending effects that we could apply to each instrument. Once the simulations were done, we sent the files to the 3d printers and had each instruments’ animation printed frame by frame.

The white chocolate, while a delicious treat in other circumstances, also proved to be one of the most important ingredients to one of the video’s most intense images: the melting bust.

Barth tells PSFK that the final look of the melted head was a surprise:

I had this image in my head of someones face melting as they were listening to a really good track, I guess my mind melts when I listen to really good music, so I wanted to physically create that effect. Plus it was going to be a cool way to end the video: with someone listening to the music that had been created prior and reacting to it. The white chocolate came as they best real-looking texture that imitates that of a statue. I was thinking of using wax at first but it tends to be greasy and reflective, and melts in a very predictable wax-like manner. The end effect looks like a mud landslide, and is very abrupt compared to the fine details of the mold before it melts. I really like the end effect but it was a surprise to everyone!

To see the full effect of this electronic music homage, watch the video in its entirety below:

Greg Barth | Hello Play!








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