Edwin, o Pato

O patinho de borracha inteligente serve como professor para crianças na hora de tomar banho.

Smart Rubber Ducky Serves as Bath Time Teacher

The rubber ducky is perhaps the last household item you’d expect to be translated into a smart toy for kids – perhaps because it’s so associated with bath time that parents inherently think of the incompatibility between water and electronics. But two experienced tech entrepreneurs, Matt MacBeth and father of three Don Inmon, are dedicated to proving that the next source of comfort and learning for young children can, indeed, come in bath toy form.


Edwin the Duck is wireless speaker, thermometer, white noise generator, and nightlight (among other things) with an entire upcoming brand of songs, stories and an app that promise to grow with your child. And, more importantly, he’s completely waterproof (and made from mold-free silicone).

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 2.47.33 PM.png

The mundane activities of bath time and story time often sap the last bit of parents’ energy at the end of the day; Edwin can help pick up the slack with his soothing storytelling voice and his ability to suggest titles based on the situation. “We are working on a feature of the app for parents to record their own voices to potentially narrate the stories for their child,” added Director of Marketing Amy Unger.

The first story available on the iPad app is called Edwin Feeling Small and will tackle self-confidence. Others will feature Edwin braving situations that are often challenging or frightening to little ones, such as thunderstorms. The storybooks will be animated and fully interactive, with elements that sound familiar to anyone who grew up withelectronic storybooks for the PC. A built-in accelerometer will help the ‘real’ Edwin interact with the digital one.

“If your child touches anything in Edwin’s world, Edwin, sitting right next to them, will interact, from lights to rain to lightning… even touching a tree, Edwin will immerse your child in the experience because he’s right next to your child,” said Inmon in a promotional video, where he shares duties with his adorable son Finn.


In an interview with Current in Carmel, Inmon mentioned that children typically use “appcessories” like Edwin for 30 days, but by continually adding new content, he hopes to greatly extend the life of the toy. And catchy songs like “Squishy Squishy Squashy” will help; so far, they’ve even gotten the attention of Unger’s 10-year-old son.

Edwin will be available this Spring for $99 US, and until then, you can follow the rest of his adorable adventures on Twitter and Tumblr.








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