Mood Board: cheiros

Aromas, a maioria das vezes, são difíceis de escrever. Por isso, elas são perfeitas para mood boards.

If you say something smells like “tobacco,” it can elicit any manner of sense memory—maybe that tobacco was a fine hand-rolled cigar, or maybe it was the stench of cigarettes on your clothing when you woke up hungover from a bar.

For Haus Interior’s candle collection, the boutique interior design firm wanted a way to describe smells to online shoppers beyond mere words. So the company hired photographer Sully Sullivan to produce a collection of scent mood boards. Carefully curated, cleanly arranged objects fill in the emotions and contexts of a smell that words might miss.

In this treatment, the “Fireside & Tobacco” candle transforms from the written description, “A fresh and woodsy tobacco leaf base mixes with notes of charred birch and cedar,” to a greater, more abstract emotion. A pipe. A tie. A horn-handled magnifying glass. A badger hair shaving brush. A few cigars. An axe. Through these objects, the candle description transcends to its own Wes Anderson character, and we’re left with something more akin to a woodsy vacation’s worth of scents floating around our noses rather than our last random sniff of carcinogen.

Of course, if pipes, axes, and beards don’t get you in the mood for a candle, Haus Interior has several other candle scents available for $35.

Boat Haus candle: Balsam and Grapefruit

Log Haus candle: Fireside & Tobacco

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