Shit Girls Say

Shit Girls Say satiriza a relação das mulheres com seus cabelos. Vídeo é resultado da parceria dos humoristas com a marca Aussie.

Those of you who’ve been pining for another episode of Shit Girls Say are in luck: Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey’s amusing Web series, based on the popular Twitter account,just did a spot for haircare brand Aussie—in the same style as their unbranded videos.

Sheppard directed the ad and is also the star, donning a wig and narrating common hair woes. (We’re told mcgarrybowen was the agency.)

“I can’t get it wet!” he complains. “This looks stupid.” “Does this look dumb?”

Aussie recently conducted a #hairprobs survey, which found:

• Women run late an average of one day per week due to hair drama.
• One third of moms (35 percent) say their hair requires more time than their kids in the morning.
• 40 percent of women under 40 cried at least once over their hair in the past six months.
• Seven percent of women admit to avoiding getting intimate altogether to preserve their hairstyle.
• Women spend 20 minutes per day on their hair, translating to a full work week each year.

If you think most of these stats are hard to believe, I’m with you. Who are these people?

Stats aside, the video itself is fun—relatable and entertaining. It ends with Aussie encouraging women to #DitchtheDrama and their complex hair routines (with a shampoo plus conditioner combo product and a dry shampoo) in exchange for “fully living life.”

Which also means not crying over your hair or having it stop you from having sex, probably.

Via AdWeek

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