O comercial “crowdsourced” da Newcastle

Depois de algumas semanas brincando com a ideia de lançar um comercial “crowdsourced” para o Super Bowl, a marca consegue reunir 37 marcas para a produção do comercial.

After a couple weeks of over-the-top teasing, Newcastle Brown Ale on Tuesday released its “crowdsourced” Super Bowl ad. The spot squeezes 37 brands into a single 60-second ad that the Heineken-owned brand has said will air on some local NBC TV stations during Sunday’s game.

The so-called “Band of Brands” spot is by Droga5 and represents Newcastle’s latest attempt to mock conventional advertising.

“Not only did we create the world’s first crowdfunded Big Game ad, but I’m pretty sure we just made the cheapest Big Game ad ever,” Priscilla Flores Dohnert, brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale, said in a statement. “By asking other brands to team up with our brand we are making a statement that Big Game advertising should be accessible to everyone, whether they can afford it or not.”

In the ad, a couple jumps around their new house, plugging everything from Armstrong Flooring to Beanitos Chips, as logos flash on the screen.

The participating brands are:

AmeriMerch.com, AprilUmbrellas.com, Armstrong Flooring and Ceilings, Beanitos Chips, Blettner Engineering, Boost Mobile, Brawny Paper Towels , Charisma, Detroit Beard Collective, District 78, Dixie, East End Leisure Co., Gladiator GarageWorks, Hello Products Oral Care, Hunt’s Tomatoes, JackThreads, Jockey, Kern Group Security, Kibo Active + Leisure Wear, Krave Jerky, Las Vegas, Lee Jeans, Match.com, McClure’s Pickles, Mr. Cheese O’s, Polished Dental, Quilted Northern, Quinn Popcorn, Rosarita Beans, RO*TEL, Second Chance Custom, Sharper Image, Tessemae’s All-Natural Dressings, The Ross Farm, Vanity Fair Napkins, YP.com and Zendure Batteries.







Via Ad Age

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