Compra uma bebida para ela

Stella Artois e Matt Damon se unem para ajudar a numa nova campanha, “Buy a Lady a Drink” criada pela Mother London.


When you think of buying a lady a Stella, you think of handing a chalice to a hot Italian woman who lives in the 1060s. But what if instead you were buying five years of clean water for a woman in the developing world?

Stella Artois has teamed up with Matt Damon’s to tell the stories of women around the world who collect water. They spend a collective 200,000 hours a day on their journeys, walking for miles, missing school, facing fights at the pump, and going without when it breaks.

The stories focus not only on life without water, but on the benefits of life with it. Currently, all the videos take place in India. However, you can buy a limited-edition Stella beer chalice with patterns that represent India, Ethiopia or Honduras. The chalices are pretty, the stories are moving, and the beer? It’s nowhere to be seen.

Stella made a nice $1.2 million donation to, which is going to buy a lot of drinks for a lot of women. But on top of that, for every chalice you buy, Stella gives an extra $6.25 to, which is enough to give one person clean water for five years.

Now that’s some classy glassware.

Creative Agency: Mother London
U.S. Social Agency: VaynerMedia
Social Agency (global): 360i
Public Relations Agency: 3PM

Via AdWeek

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