Neiman Marcus inaugura espelho digital

O Memory Mirror, ou espelho de memória, em português, da Neiman Marcus facilita a vida dos consumidores.

Neiman Marcus Upends Online Shopping with Digital Mirror

The Neiman Marcus Memory Mirror will not just reflect, it will help you swipe through selections from items you try on the store and it can make it easier for you to choose a look. The specially built mirror will make shopping a little more connected, with options to upload on social media channels or email so you don’t have to be alone when figuring out which dress stands out from the pile.

The Memory Mirror will help build a catalog of looks for the customer’s personal shoppers and wardrobe specialists. 360-degree views are also available for a better look at how a dress fits. Through the Neiman Marcus app, it is also easy to grab videos and photos from the mirror to keep on smart devices.

Neiman Marcus is a luxury fashion retail giant in the U.S. and the owner of Bergdorf Goodman. Both already have their online shopping portals working alongside NM’s 42 brick-and-mortar locations. The Memory Mirror is currently available in NM’s Walnut Creek, CA store.

Looking at the new retail stores of Louis Vuitton or Chanel, the fashion business is still a firm believer of in-store analogue purchases. For emerging designers, establishing their own flagship store is a step in the right direction. Fashion relies heavily on selling ideas and images and the boxed-in store provides a perfect haven for a fashion story.

Through the Memory Mirror, Neiman Marcus is trying to merge the online store with traditional physical locations. A hybrid of old and new, it is a crucial step towards appealing more to Generation Y – the younger, more information-hungry customers.

The Memory Mirror creates a venue for public opinion through social uploads and gives the customer a better way of looking at their products.

Memory-Mirror Neiman Marcus

PSFK has previously reported on the merge of both online and offline experiences for physical stores to cash in on perpetually connected consumers.








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